Who is Stephanie Evergreen?

Stephanie Evergreen is in love with evaluation. That’s why she gets so mad when it is communicated poorly.

She works for the American Evaluation Association and has been with The Evaluation Center, but the views in this blog only represent Evergreen Evaluation. In this latter position, Stephanie facilitates workshops and gives one-on-one consultations on graphic design and data visualization in evaluation reporting. She also completed her doctorate in the Interdisciplinary PhD program in Evaluation at Western Michigan University, with a dissertation that was on – wait for it – graphic design in evaluation reporting. Stephanie founded the Data Visualization and Reporting Topical Interest Group, is active on the Human Subjects Institutional Review Board at WMU, and as a peer reviewer for many journals and federal grant programs. She has lots of thoughts about data that are not appropriate for any of those places, hence the need for this blog. Enjoy.

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